About Us


The Corscaron Stud was formed in 1978 with the purchase of a Buckskin filly foal named Vernal Moonray

The studs stock have done well in shows for us and other studs, in about 2006 we started to show more of our own stock, having started to show more often we decided to take on a few show liveries.

As a result we found ourselves buying more hard feed for them along with supplements and other bits and pieces, having grown tired of mixing up different feeds, I decided to look at what else was available and came across Frickers Fromula Horse Feeds, the results have been fantastic, they are very simple to feed and the horses love it, it was this which kickstarted the business side of the stud.

We were finding it more difficult to source the best products on the market for getting the variety of colours and white markings we had each year, having spoken with a couple of my friends they also felt the same way, as aresult of this we decided to expand the business and become a stockist for Shapley’s Grooming Products, it has grown a lot since those early days and we hope to continue to grow and be able to offer you more of the best products in the market and giving you a good variety to choose from.

Our aim is to be able to offer you the best tried and tested products on the market that will best suit your horse and discipline, and also giving you the best value for money